1How to choose fire-resistant door suppliers in Malaysia?
Fire-Resistant Door is a product that requires testing with the SIRIM Qas International and to obtain certification from the authorities especially the Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (BOMBA). Therefore, the first step before choosing the supplier is to ensure that they are truly certified and able to provide all the certifications as an approved supplier and manufacturer.
2How can door be verified as fire rated/How are fire doors tested?
There is a legal requirement for fire door manufacturers to have their fire doors tested by SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) in order to comply with MS 1073-Part 3:1996 amd. 1:2003 standard. Tests are made on complete fire door sets: ie. the fire door and door frame with all the requisite hardware (e.g. locks, latches, hinges, etc). Actual firing test is conducted to determine the period of fire resistance and test report will be issued by SIRIM upon successful completion of test of which will be followed by Product Certification from both SIRIM and Bomba.
3Why are fire doors so important? And how are fire doors different to standard doors?
Fire rated doors are essential part of the buildings, which offer protection to the occupants in case of a fire. Quality and well-designed fire rated doors are made with efficient solid core to prevent fire spreading from room to room for a given period of time and also with intumescent strip that will expands in order to prevent smokes entering the room. Most fatal cases occurred due to inhalation of smokes during fire rather than due to burning.
4Why are fire doors so heavy?
Fire Rated Doors are heavy due to its composite solid structure and are carefully designed to be able to withstand the forces during a fire breakout.

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